In my efforts to clean, de-clutter, reorganize, etc........I found a box of old musty smelling photos.

The first time that my mother and father were flooded in 1979, they didn't expect it and therefore all the items that were on the floor in closets ended up in 8-10 inches of muddy water. Some were photos in boxes that were from my childhood as well as my Mom and Dad's childhood. My mom salvaged what she could but I can imagine that alot were lost. A couple from my childhood. This first one of my brother and I. He's 18 months older than I and I'm 14 months in this one. Did I really have all that black hair?
This second one is of my brother and his favorite scooter. Check out the cool canteen on his belt no less. Priceless.


Kathy... said…
What a wonderful find!!! I LOVE all that hair, btw!
LeAnn said…