Snow, Spinning and Knitting

Yep, we had more snow again on Thursday. Not big flurry flakes, but lots of it, a blanket. It arrived hard and fast. It started around 1:30 and was done snowing by around 8 PM.
It's hard to see the snow coming down, but this is a picture Thursday evening.
By Friday morning, it was bright white and gorgeous. We ended up with a little over 2 inches.

They are predicting more snow Sunday night/Monday morning.
So, to keep me busy, I am frogging another project, started a new one and did some spinning.

As for frogging........I've started several projects with the Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I only have 8 skeins to work with at 87 yards per skein. It knows it wants to keep my shoulders warm, but it can't decide what pattern it wants to use. I first cast on for the Short Simple Cape and I decided after already using 3 skeins, it wasn't going to be the right size.

Then I found the pattern for a shrug that only called for 160 yards of worsted weight. I thought that sounded too good to be true, but gave the pattern a try. Well, at this point here, I'm not even done with the first sleeve which is supposed to be 23 inches and I'm almost through the 3rd skein. The back itself, which I haven't even gotten to, is 30 more inches, then the 2nd sleeve will be another 23 inches. So all that said, I wasn't going to have enough yarn. Why do these patterns not get edited with the correct amount of yarn?

The 3rd time to cast on is a charm. I've decided to make another Storm Cloud Shawl. I love this pattern, it fits me nicely and I had wanted another one anyway with yarn that didn't shed. It's working up great and the yarn is really soft and drapey. I'm knitting it on Size 9's.
Then there's spinning. I got my Trindle out of hibernation, I love this spindle, it truly is my favorite. I love it so much that I went to Etsy to find another one. He's making them now with interchangeable arms/beads, so that you can go from a light weight spindle to a medium to a heavy weight spindle with just changing the arms. I've ordered one with 2 different sets of arms.

This is a Merino/Tussah Silk blend that I bought from Creekview Crafts at the Dickson Fiber Festival last year. It's like spinning butter, it's awesome. I have determined that I need to wear goggles while spinning though because all that loose fiber that gets in the air manages to get in my eyes. I continuously have to put eye drops in my eyes because they are so aggravated.


Rebecca said…
gorgeous pics
love your spinning
and the storm cloud will be so beautiful
enjoy the weather and crafting and some yummy tea or hot chocolate :D
Jackie said…
Your snow pictures are gorgeous!

I'm trying to figure out the right sized needles for sizing of a sock now. I've started it three times. Sometimes it just takes a while to find the perfect pattern for yarn. It sounds like you have yours figured out.
LeAnn said…
A small part of me wants to follow your lead and try spinning...but only a small part. I think that Larry would object to wooly fibers floating through the air, being allergic to wool. I could always tell him the fiber was something else though. hehehe