Yarn by Katia named Liana

I happened across it accidentally last night while I was perusing DBNY's website. I was so surprised I could hardly contain myself. Now I know it wasn't named after me personally, but to have a yarn with my name, well I just had to buy some. I love Katia yarns anyway so even if I didn't particularly like "this" yarn, I had to own a couple of balls anyway. I'll let you know if I like the yarn once I get it.
There are lots of different spellings for Liana. There's the more common Leanna, LeAnna, Leigh Anna and all kinds of variations. My spelling is a little more unique and while growing up, the teachers always had a time with it because they didn't know how to pronounce it. As I became an adult, people would look at my name and assume my name was Linda. The first few times I didn't care, after that I made a point of telling them. Several times the people actually lost a potential sale because they didn't take the time to look at the name properly the first time. I can't help people's ignorance. Take the time to look at someone's name, ESPECIALLY when you are in sales.

I'm not sure how I really got my name, I've heard several stories throughout the years. If you look me up in the dictionary...wait I'll do it for you....compliments of Merriam Webster: "any of various vines, usually woody, especially of tropical rain forests that root in the ground." You will find that I am in the crosswords from time to time. The clue is usually woody vine or tropical vine.

So back to the yarn. I will update here to let you know what I think about it.

I've been doing a lot of spindling lately. It's funny how that interest comes and goes. I don't have delusions that I will spin enough to make a lot of yarn, but it's fun, mindless, don't have to folow a pattern, and I'm getting much better. The spindle hardly drops anymore. I guess when they say you need to practice, they were right. Who knew??

I have a new spindle from Spinatude on Etsy. It's a resin spindle with daisies. It spins nicely. It weighs 1.4 oz (41 grams)


Kathy... said…
I think names are very interesting. Yours is also very pretty. I am a "Kathryn" named after Kate Smith. Apparently it's a very Midwestern spelling of the name.

Your new spindle is very pretty. I spun last weekend, for the first time is several months. I should probably give a spindle a try.....
Christina said…
Look at you spinning....love it!!