Eerie Howling

No, I am not talking about my howling (that is for another post) :-)

I'm speaking of coyotes. I was sitting in my home office one night about midnight, curtains were open (mainly because I have no curtains) so all I could see outside was.......nothing. It was pitch black. I live in the country so when it's dark outside, it's really dark. No city lights in the distance to give a glow, nor any security lights around, thank God. When I go out on the deck to see the stars, I really see the stars and they are absolutely beautiful. Some nights I will just sit real low in my chair outside (good for my back of course) and just star gaze, it's fabulous. Anyway, back to the coyotes. As I was sitting at my desk, all of a sudden the coyotes started howling. OMG!!! They sounded so close it was like they were right outside the window. Of course, my lights are blazing in the room and I was wondering if they were gazing inside licking their chops thinking I looked like a tasty dinner. I finished up what I was working on, turned off the lights and went to bed. It was just eeeeeeerrrieeeee.

On the spinning front, I have acquired some new fiber. I have some new merino/tussah silk blends which I'll post later, but this post is just about the Hand-Dyed Blue Faced Leicester top. The turquoise/black is from Daily Fibers, a local fiber artist and fabulous dyer. She will be opening an Etsy shop soon and I would definitely recommend her dyed goodies. She has a great eye for color.
This second one is Frabjous Fibers and it's dyed in Vermont. The colorway is called Stained Glass. Isn't it gorgeous?
As for knitting, it's no surprise that I'm working on several projects. Below is the sock project where I'll be using the Afterthought Heel. I've got it far enough along now where I will go ahead and do my heel. The main reason I will go ahead and do it now is that I'm using the same yarn and I want to make sure that I have enough yarn left to do the heel. Had I been smart, I would have done the heel and the toe in a separate colorway and that way I could just finish knitting all the way to the cuff without having to worry about it. I will knit the afterthought heel with the unused end of the skein and that way I don't have to break the yarn from the live stitches. I already have the spot placed where I'm going to cut the stitches for the heel. I'll post an updated picture as I get further along in this process.

I have some early birthday presents. I was out most of the day yesterday and when I got home there was a new book waiting for me.....Respect the Spindle. The Amy Butler bag I purchased Friday at the LYS in Russellville. Love it!


Jackie said…
Happy Early Birthday! Love your bag and love your goodies.

Only you would finish what you're doing before going inside!
LeAnn said…
Did you hear a "beep beep" too? Notice any piles of birdseed sitting neatly on plates in the field? Any discarded ACME boxes?