March flowers

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. You guys are awesome!

I can always tell my birthday is near when I see these babies blooming.

I love these flowers and my sister-in-law brought 3 bunches of these to me, handpicked no less. You know spring is around the corner when these start blooming around the last week of February.

I am working on several knitting projects but none really in a photo op place. As with knitting, I have several spindles going too. Can you see a pattern here? This little Kuchulu has a reddish merino/tussah silk blend spinning on it. I love this little spindle. It's just fun to use and very portable. (It's hard to photograph red)

You probably can't tell it from this photo but there is actually 6 grams of fiber already on the spindle.

And to add to the springtime theme, I'm also spinning this beautiful pink/salmon color, another merino/tussah silk blend (I love this stuff) on my recently purchased Trindle.


Christina said…
Beautiful! I love the salmon.
Lorette said…
That is the cutest little spindle! The fiber is awfully pretty, too!