A Poem found

This poem was found in some old paperwork, not sure who it belonged to, but wanted to share and document it. I'm going to attribute it's writing to Anonymous because I just don't know where it came from.

A Moment to Remember
She laid down with a sigh and
allowed her muscles to relax for a moment.
She put him off with one excuse after another,
resisting him all the time,
hoping he would pay attention.
It was what she wanted,
but she was scared.
She knew he was experienced,
as his hand went to the spot.
She knew she was beginning to fear the thing.
He was as gentle as he had promised to be and
she opened wider to give him more room.
Chills ran up and down her spine.
No!! No!!
Take it out, I can't stand it!
He took it out and she sighed with relief.
It was certainly a moment to remember
as she got up from the dentists chair.