5-Year Blogiversary

I suddenly realized that today marks the 5th year that I've been blogging about my knitting adventures. My how time flies. A slight recap of those 5 years:
I've met some great knitting buddies, in person, through blogland and of course through Ravelry.
I enjoy reading everyone's blogs and sorry to see that some have gone by the wayside primarily due to Ravelry. I believe that the two serve different purposes, but I totally understand that both take time.
I have taken on new challenges in my knitting and learn something new all the time. In this past year, I have also taken up spinning, which I am totally hooked on. It took a while to catch, but it's here now.
I look forward to making more new friends and keeping up with the old ones.
Meanwhile, knit on! and spin on! and keep blogging!


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