Internet Service or the lack thereof

Since the tornadic storms began in early April, my internet service has been splotchy to none at all. We've changed modems several times, AT&T has updated wiring, etc. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

Meanwhile, I've been to Stitches South, so I've added to my fiber stash, yarn and roving. I bought quite a few braids from Gale's Art, her stuff rocks!! Also bought a luscious braid from Creatively Dyed Yarn as well as some half price gorgeous yarn. We had a blast, never left the hotel/convention site. We met up with friends that I met last year from Colorado Springs and met new friends. Great classes, especially Japanese Short Rows with Susanna Hansson.

I've been spinning with my Hansen MiniSpinner, which I've named Cooper. Why? you ask....because MiniSpinner, Mini Cooper, hence Cooper. plus I like it. So I've been spinning Cormo Cross, merino/tussah silk/bamboo, Corriedale, and soon to spin....Polwarth.

Pictures will be forthcoming once I'm sure my internet connection is good.