Lightning did it again!!

Yep, last Tuesday, June 21st, we had another bad lightning and thunderstorm. It knocked out my phone and internet once again. I am sitting at Dunkin Donuts enjoying a delicious cup of java and using their free wi-fi. I did finally get my home phone back yesterday but still waiting on the internet. It's a good thing I didn't have a 911 emergency as I would not have been able to call since we don't have cell service out there either.
Anyway, I have taken the opportunity to work on some knitted projects. Two of which the knitting is complete but now need to do some seaming and some blocking.
Also still spinning on the polwarth, I love that stuff. I need to finish this one before Saturday so that I can start the Tour de Fleece on Saturday with fresh empty bobbins!
I'll hopefully have internet back by the 4th so I can post some updates to the Tour de Fleece.
Until later!