Blogging slacker

OK, I started a new job last Monday and as you can imagine it has interrupted my flow of things to do. I have not been spinning every day now and so my Tour de Fleece goal is waning. I think I'll still get the Polwarth Arcade 8 oz spun, but I can't spin every day. I will get some spun today, but I don't have much time during the weekday evening.

Yesterday was a fabulous day spent with the knitsibs. We had a most delicious brunch at Vicky's & Michelle's. I'll have to say Michelle is a great cook. We had french toast casserole with some strawberries ladled on top (yummy), some dates filled with a goat cheese mixture then baked, some yummy swiss cheese balls, fresh fruit, chocolate truffles, grand mimosas and a little goodie bag which will also serve as a project bag. Then we had some knitting time, we watched a gazillion hummingbirds on the back porch and just laughed and had fun. It was a good day.

On the knitting front, the Pie Wedge is coming along. I am almost done with the first wedge. The pattern calls for 6 wedges, but several Rav members did 7 and 8 because of all the yarn leftover in the Lorna's Laces ball. We'll see how I feel about it when I get to the 6th wedge. My Summer Flies shawl in my handspun is also coming along nicely. There is something special about knitting with your own handspun that I never realized before. It's very cool! I wore my new socks to work on Thursday, very comfy, I love them. I completed another lap blanket for Hospice and gave it to Christina yesterday at brunch. It was fun to knit as I knit it like the back of the Patches Baby Sweater. I did the columns with 45 stitches.

Other things accomplished: DH & I have hung up one set of curtains in the office. This is a big accomplishment and we are very pleased with the results. It's keeping the office cooler already. The bushhogging is nearly done and the hay bales still look peaceful.


Rebecca said…
hope your new job is going well
glad you are still able to get some crafting fun in though
arent knit groups the best?