Cadel Evans wins the Tour de France

I am ecstatic!!!!

The man from Australia, Cadel Evans, who I have been watching for years, has always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. This year, he did it and I am thrilled. He won the Tour and he deserved it. He worked so very hard and I am so proud of him. The below images are compliments of AP.

As for the Tour de Fleece, I didn't do well after the first week. Part of it is I'm now working again. So not only is my time more limited, my body is also getting used to getting up at 5 again and hitting that long commute. However, I have been getting some spinning done, lots of knitting and still quite a bit of reading done.

I have been enmeshed in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have just finished the 4th book and getting ready to read the 5th and 6th. These tomes are not for the faint of heart as they are EACH about 600-800 pages. I have to tell you that I am thankful everyday for my Sony eReader. I have 2 of those tomes, in addition to other books and knitting patterns, on my eReader at one time, and it still only weighs less than 1 pound, it fits neatly in my purse and I can hold the book with one hand (you cannot do that with an 800 page book). So, if you haven't jumped on the digital reader bandwagon yet, I strongly recommend it.

The Pie Wedge shawl is coming along slowly but surely. The Summer Flies shawl with my handspun is glorious to knit and is also coming along nicely. Pictures will come later.


Jackie said…
Congratulations on the new job!

My husband has gotten into cycling really hard core over the past couple of years. I was surprised when he didn't watch much of the TdF this year.
Rebecca said…
yeah cadel evans!
was glad he won too even though i was kind of rooting for andy ;)
i did great with my tdf too in spite vacation - dh loaded up my wheel
glad job is going well :D