a Great day for a Bath

It was a hot and sunny day. I had several spun skeins that needed a bath and thought it was a perfect day for it. So I brought out the dryer rack, took it to the deck, washed the skeins and laid them out to dry. They dried in no time and they are so nice and fluffy. On the Tour de Fleece front, I have been spinning daily which was one of my goals and I will knock out at minimum the 8 oz fiber that I posted about earlier. I would like to get some others done too so we'll see.

DH and I have been watching the Tour de France of course and yesterday's win by Cadel Evans was awesome. It was a photo finish and he just barely won. I would love it if he would win this year, he deserves it. He has come in at 2nd so many times and so close too that I just want him to win one.

On the job front, I had an interview last week with a legal headhunter and they are sending my resume to a client for a contract paralegal job. Not sure how long the contract will last but it could turn into something permanent. We'll see if I like it. :-) It's really going to cut into my knitting and spinning time though. This has been a very enjoyable time at home, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Have I missed the additional income? Sure I have. But I can't ignore the time at home as being wonderful because it has truly been wonderful.
They started mowing the farm last weekend and now I am gazing on hay bales. I love the look of hay bales in the field, so serene and peaceful. They won't stay long because they have to get them into the dry, so I'm gazing at them now while I can.

Off to spin!