More finished projects

Yesterday was a pretty good knitting day and a great day to finish little things on projects. The morning was spent getting my tires rotated, balanced and aligned so I toted some little projects that needed buttons and necklines finished.

The Patches Baby Sweater was done, it just needed buttons.

The Angel Sweater needed buttons and the neckline finished.

I dropped off the finally finished Angel Sweater to Enchanted for them to use as a shop model. It's such an adorable little sweater, it was hard to let it go.

I also brought along my Summer Flies Shawl to knit-on after the buttons were done on the other projects. After the tires were done, I had to head another 30 miles to get my oil changed. They said it was a 2 hour wait so more prime knitting time. They got it done in under an hour but that's a whole 'nother story.

On the Summer Flies Shawl, I am to the Picot Cast off. Then all it needs is blocking. I made it in a fingering/DK weight rather than the Worsted the pattern calls for, so it will be more of a neck decoration like a shawlette, the best part is it's knit in my own handspun. It has been a truly enjoyable knit, lots of activity and different stitch patterns.

The Pie Wedge will come along faster since I'm done with these. I'm almost done with 2 wedges and there are supposed to be 6 total.


LeAnn said…
You're almost done with Summer Flies? Wow! You flew right through that one. And the sweaters look spectacular. Your choice of buttons were the perfect finish.
Christina said…
Nice finish on the dresslette. I better get going on my pie wedge now.
Kathy... said…
Such cute little sweaters! Great job. How's the new job coming? Hopefully you are over the stressful "new job" phase. I agree - knitting with handspun is just an totally "love" experience. :)