Produce stands

First off, yep my internet is back on as of last night. yippeeeeeeee

OK, so in my adventures out on Wednesday to get some free wi-fi, I decided that I needed to find a produce stand so that I can start getting my fill of tomatoes and those delicious little pickling cucumbers that I love to eat.

I bought several pounds from one that I used to go to a lot on my way home from work. It's a little outta my way at the moment since I'm still not working, but their produce is consistently good so I headed their way.

On the way home I decided to drive around closer to home to see if there were any nearby. I found one that is a little closer and their produce looked ok, what I loved was this sign.
I've never seen zucchini spelled that way and fell in love with it so I had to go back to the car to get my camera, luckily I always carry it with me for moments such as this. I then proceeded to have a unique and confusing conversation with the vendor which I will try to re-cap here.

Me: Where do the tomatoes come from?

Vendor: Arkansas and Florida. Now you know we're closing on July 2nd, right?

Me: Closing, yeah. You're just closing early for the Holiday weekend right?

Vendor: No, we're closing.

Me: Closing? as in for the rest of the summer?

Vendor: Yep.

Me: ummmmmm, aren't local vegetables just now beginning to ripen and ready to sell?

Vendor: uh huh

Me: Soooooo, you're thinking that people won't need to come to the produce stand because they have their own vegetables to eat?

Vendor: Yep! that and we're tired. We've been open 7 days a week since Easter.

Me: OK, I understand about the 7 days a week thing, but not everyone grows their own vegetables and now would be the time I would seek out a produce stand, not in March or April. (what are they thinking?)

Vendor: Yep, well, we're closing.

Me: hmph.

Anyway, I only bought a few tomatoes from him and I definitely didn't buy any "zukennie". Even though I live on acreage, I have never been one to like to play in the dirt. I don't have a garden and I love fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Now is when I truly look forward to going to produce stands. Am I the only one?

As for knitting, I have been working on a shop model for the shop in Clarksville. It's the Angel Sweater Vest and I'm knitting this in Bebe Cotsoy. This is a wonderfully soft yarn.