a simple french Plum Tart

In honor of the Tour de France beginning yesterday, I made a Plum Tart that my mother used to make. It's considered a country peasant type dessert, as it's very simple, no custard in this one.
So I'll share with you this delicious and simple dessert. It's best eaten warm (not hot) so bake it when you start dinner.

What you'll need:
~First, don't buy the pre-made pie crust in a tin pie shell, buy the pre-made unroll and fill Pillsbury pie crust usually found in the dairy section.
~11-14 ripe red plums (this will depend on the size of your baking dish)
~granulated sugar

Yep, that's it.
Unroll and place in a large quiche dish. I used both of the pie crusts in the box as my quiche dish is quite large. I placed one of the pie crusts on the bottom and then I cut outer circles on the second one and placed them around the sides of the dish and melded the crust together at the bottom. (hope that makes sense) I forgot to take a picture of that.
Then, poke some fork holes on the bottom so that the pie crust stays flat when it bakes. (I did about 6-8 pokes with the fork) Sprinkle the crust with granulated sugar. Pre-bake the crust at 450 deg F for 10 minutes. (this will keep the crust from getting soggy) Do this in advance so it has time to cool. I did it in the morning.
Then cut your plums in half and take out the pit. You should have two nice halves. (Do not peel the plums)
Place them in the pre-baked pie shell dome up as seen here.
Sprinkle liberally with the sugar. Remember plums are tart.

Since the crust was pre-baked, I cut some foil and covered the edge of the crust before baking the pie as I didn't want to burn the crust edge.

Bake in a 375 deg F oven for about an hour. The plums should have oozed a little and their juices will be bubbling. The plums should be soft but not mushy. Their skin will be wrinkled. I didn't get a picture before we dug into it but you can see it here. It was delicious.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll help make it a success for you too.


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