Getting through the stash and some spinning

I'm such a sucker for shop models and this cute little baby hat was one quite a while back. I purchased the ball of Be Sweet Bambino Taffy (rav link) and the pattern for this little hat is on the ball band. The only mods I did was I knit it on size 7's rather than 6 and I made a short icord top rather than 2 long ones that you would then tie into a ribbon. The interesting parts to this hat is the provisional cast on picot edge, the heart motif, and the bobbles. It's cute.

The hat wasn't a stash buster but it was a ball of yarn that had been in my stash for a little while. I haven't purchased yarn since Stitches other than the 2 balls of yarn to make the yellow Shapely Shawlette. It's not a forced yarn diet, but I do have stash that I need to get through, at least some of it.

This gem is the Summer Flies Shawl (Rav link) knit with my handspun. I absolutely adore this pattern. I wore it to work on Friday over a white blouse and it looked really nice.

I've been spinning with some Polwarth. It's nice and soft, I like it! This is a hand-painted roving called Arcade that I purchased from Greenwood Fiberworks on Etsy. This was supposed to be my Tour de Fleece, but I was waylaid by the new job. The only time I really have left to spin now is on the weekend. :-( I finally finished plying it and you can see that the big Hansen wooly winder bobbin holds 8 ounces.

I am totally in love with the colorway. I'm trying to branch out from my normal blues and this colorway could be called Rainbow rather than Arcade, it's just full of colors. I ended up with 523 yards so it'll make a nice size project.

Speaking of the job. It's going great! I am kept extremely busy which makes the day just fly as you can imagine. I'm making time to knit at lunch and have even started to teach a few co-workers how to knit. Yep, I'm enabling.


Kathy... said…
Cute little hat! I have that pattern - the shawl one - but have never knit it yet. It does seem to be a good choice for handspun yarns. Your's is gorgeous!

Good to hear that the new job is going well. Yes, busy equals fast days in the workplace. If I remember right, that is! :)
Jackie said…
Your handspun shawl is just stunning! It would look great with just about any solid color shirt underneath.

Glad to hear the job is going well. I know how it cuts into the fun time but like you, I get in a few minutes at lunch. Lately it's been knitting instead of stitching and it really is a few minutes of calm in an otherwise very hectic day.
LeAnn said…
So I finally got a peek at the new yarn. It's beautiful. The colors make me smile!