Sock Knitting

Hard to believe it's been a month since I last posted. Time just keeps flying away. I'm still deep in a de-cluttering mode, I've gotten donated some bags that I'll never use and a trash bag size of mostly acrylic yarn that I bought years ago. I kept the Caron Simply Soft to make some lapghans for Hospice and I still have more yarn to go through as well. I'm trying to use a bag for awhile to see if I still like it, and if I don't it goes into the donate pile. It's been very helpful. People probably look at me funny and wonder why I change bags every 2-3 weeks, but that's the only way to find out if you still like the bag, right? Bags are so often bought on impulse.

Anyway, in addition to the de-cluttering, I've gotten some sock knitting done. These are worsted weight socks, perfect for wearing in the fall and winter, with boots or houseshoes. They are toe-up short row heel socks, very easy pattern. Christina was nice enough to write up her pattern and she's posted it here. These are knit with Jarbo Raggi. typically you would probabky use a size 5 needle, but I worked these on size 6. Love them! I'm not going to bother to block them, I'm just going to start wearing them. Obviously with size 6 needles, they went very fast.
I've got another pair almost done as well in a different colorway.

Fall is here and I'm loving the weather. 70 degrees for the high, breezy and low humidity. Yesterday, 10-11 of us got together at Christina's to celebrate Jan's birthday. It was a wonderful day, we sat outside, snacked on some delicious cheese and crackers, drank some white wine, red wine, white sangria, coffee, whatever the beverage of choice was, we spun and knit and then around 6:30 we sat down to a glorious dinner of Cassoulet and salad. For dessert we had a pumpkin cheesecake and a delicious blackberry cobbler, ended with a cup of french press coffee and a small glass of Encore. It was a fabulous day and evening. Thank you Christina for being such a great cook and a fabulous hostess.

As for spinning, this is 4 oz of Falkland Fiber purchased on etsy. It's wonderfully soft and will turn itself into a gift.
Interesting the way it spun up.


Kathy... said…
Lovely yarn. I always am amazed at how rovings spin up. I think that's part of the fun!

I also am enjoying our fall weather. It's cool and favorite time of year.:)
ravelling said…
Gorgeous spinning!