Allotting time for interests.........

So that’s the question. How do you allot what spare time you have to your different hobbies or interests? My current time suckers are as follows:
1) Sleep – 8 hrs, sometimes less
2) Work – 10 hrs
3) Commute associated with work – 3 hrs
4) Exercise – 45 min
5) preparing dinner – 30-40 min
6) eating dinner – 30 min
7) kitchen clean up – 20 min

The above already adds up to over 23 hours. That leaves me around 30 minutes to sit and knit on a weekday evening. Now I don’t exercise every night (only 4 times per week and 2 of those are on weekends) so I do have that added time during the week. Evening time is usually allotted to knitting or crocheting a lap blanket for charity. Weekends I have a little more time and that’s when I get into a quandary…… I knit? Or spin? Or sew? Or read? Or the dreaded words, clean house? Because obviously if I’m doing one, I’m not doing the other.

How do you allot time for each interest? When do you make time to blog or to enter information into Ravelry? For those of you who have kids, how do you do it?


Kathy... said…
Retire! ;)
CL said…
I fake it!

But seriously...The kid is well fed, the house is a wreck, but we all have hand-knit garments!