Cheating and Deception

What is it with Fast-food joints and their "timers"? Why do the employees of said fast-food joints suck the public into participating in their deception? Why do we, said public, agree to participate?  Next time you are at the drive-up window of a fast-food joint and they ask you to move up...........well, think about it, question it.

Here's my latest adventure......
No one was at the order squawk box
No one was sitting at the window, all was clear.

I pull up to the squawk box and order.
Order was confirmed and I was told to pull up.  No $ total was given to me, so I couldn't prepare the funds. (although I do calculate in my head first what the amount will be so that I can double-check their amount when I get to the window, I know, biatch right?)
Anyway, I pull up to the drive-up window, dollar amount was right, so I pay.
This is what ensues:
Cashier: Pull up right over there and I'll bring it out to you.
Me: I look at my rear mirror and my side view mirror and say, Why, is someone behind me?
Cashier: uh, no, (she looks up) um....there's a timer.
Me: Am I going to blow-up if I sit here?
Cashier: huh??
Me:  Is the timer on a bomb and I'm going to blow-up if I sit here?
Cashier: uh, no, but, well, ummmm, I'm just doing what my manager told me to do.
Me: If I move, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?
Cashier: huh? well no, it, uh, well, no can you just move up cause there is a timer.
Me: What's the purpose of the timer?
Cashier:  uh, well, it uh, well, it times, uh, well, uh
Me: So....... what's the purpose of the timer?
Cashier:  (she's flustered at this point)....I'm just doing what my manager asked me to do.
Me:  OK, if I move up before I have my food, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the timer?  Assuming that the timer is there to "time" how quickly you serve your drive-up customers, then if I move away from the window before I have my food, then you are lying to your boss (the owner) about how quickly you move the cars through.
By this time, daggers are shooting from her eyes, her face is getting spoltchy and sweaty and she keeps looking up at the timer.  Miraculously, the food arrives and she almost throws it out the window.
Me: I sat there a few seconds longer and put my money away in my wallet, then put my wallet in my purse, zipped it shut and put my purse on the passenger seat. It was enough to aggravate them just a little more.  AND, there was still no cars behind me whatsoever.

My whole point here is why do we allow them to corral us into their deception?  They didn't complete the transaction in under (fill in the blanks) minutes. If I move away from the window then I've agreed that the transaction is complete, I have also lied and deceived the owner. I will no longer be "moving up the corner".  My ass will stay at the window until my transaction is complete, period!



captainhook said…
Hilarious. What, indeed, is the purpose of the timer?? This is a profound question.
Christina said…
Ha! I love this! The timer is the instrument of deception!
LeAnn said…
OK, I have to say it. You sound like my husband! hahahahaha