Elevator conversations......seriously??

I work in an office building that's quite a few stories high in Nashville.  Floors 2-8 are taken up by some type of service contract group (extended service contracts I think), anyway, they are on the phone all day long.  The people that work there are mostly 20-25 and they come to work wearing flip flops, shorts, almost halter tops, etc. you get the picture. It's an odd sight when everyone else is wearing business suits or business casual.  So Friday at lunch, on the elevator with two of these young people and this is the conversation overheard:

Young man A and young man B:
A:  So, hey man, are you off on Monday?
B:  Yeah man, 3 day weekend. awesome.
A:  So why do we have Monday off?
B:  Holiday, I think it's Memorial Day.
A:  So, what is Memorial Day?
B:  I don't know for sure man, but I think it's to celebrate some war.
A:  Like, which one?
B:  I don't man, maybe all of them?? who knows.

By this time we had reached the floor where they were getting off and maye the conversation continued, I don't know.  I was shaking my head........what are they learning in school? or at home for that matter?


Kayleigh said…
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Kayleigh said…
As a 20-something year old I, on behalf of the other 20-somethings apologies for these two, they do not represent my generation who knows better than that. We know to check our iPhone and Google things we don't know, instead of looking like an idiot. -_- I once got on an elevator with two guys my age asking each other "Why isn't braille in the shape of letters instead of random spots?"
LeAnn said…
Which was Beevis and which was Butthead?