Fall......my most favorite time of year. I love the low 70's weather, the changing colors, the nice breezes, and just the general crisp feeling.  It's about the only time I really love the color orange.

Pumpkins everywhere. 

Also leaves that go from green, to orange, to yellow.

As I look out my window in my home office, I see several trees all at once, and I have the full gamut.....green, orange, yellow and when a little breeze comes along, it rains yellow leaves as they fall to the ground. I love it.
There's also apples, glorious apples.  My favorite one to eat is the Fuji, but I love the colors of all apples......
 .......and then you have all the gourds, so full of color and texture. I don't know another time of year that provides all the different things that fall provides.
We are still pretty warm in Tennessee, but you can tell that fall is right around the corner and I'm ready for it.  I'm ready to make homemade soup, chili and knit some warm and wooly things. I want to use my handknit shawls, and my fingerless gloves, and cowls.  Off to knit, so enjoy your fall and go play in some fallen leaves.


Kathy... said…
Fall is my favorite time of the year also. Course, we have still been in the 80's around here, and due to a late frost and the drought, no apples for us! :(
The corn harvest is not turning out to be quite as bad as they had feared though, and no need to dry the grain at the elevators, so farmers are saving a little money there. Harvest time is 3-4 weeks earlier than normal though. Strange year! Hopefully next year will be more normal - LOL whatever that is?!?