Sept 1 and still hot and muggy

Yep, Sept 1 and the humidity is extremely heavy. Is this due in part to Isaac? possibly, and I won't complain about it too much, since we only get some rain benefits from it and we aren't being flooded like the folks in Louisiana. I feel so horribly bad for those people, but sometimes you gotta say enough is enough. As one of my favorite shows growing up used to say, "Jed, move away from there". (aka The Beverly Hillbillies)  Anyway, all that being said, I wish them all the best.

As for knitting:  Well.....I'd sort of lost my mojo. I still worked on a few things, I just wasn't excited about what I was working on. I did knit a couple of dishcloths as well as the scrubbie called a Tribble. My old Tribble was in rags and I'd thrown it away awhile back, I just never replaced it. So finally did that and those little projects energized me.  I finally turned the heel on sock #2 of my Raggi socks, so now I can knit the leg and be done with it.  I also bought some black yarn to make some socks, so I'll probably cast on for them shortly. I work in a conservative bank and one of their dress code requirements is conservative socks. go figure!

My Fiber Trends felted clogs finally couldn't be mended anymore, so those have been trashed as well and I bought the yarn to knit another pair. Yarn was purchased at Ewe & Co at a 25% off sale but this particular yarn was in the 50% off bin, so I made out like a bandit!  All I have to do is dig out the pattern and I can get started on them as well, since I just know winter is around the corner. YIPPPEEEEE.  Did I mention I don't like summer?

I started a Baktus with some yarn I purchased at Stitches South 2011.  This beautifully dyed yarn is from Creatively Dyed Yarn.  Instead of doing the regular pattern which seems a little dense to me, I decided that on every other 3rd row, I would wrap the yarn 3 times around the needle and then drop them on the 4th row.  I'm almost up to what I've decided is the mid-way point. So I'll start decreasing soon.  Pic to come later.

I frogged the Lace Wingspan in that glorious Lana Grossa Lace Lux. Have any of you used this stuff? yummmmmyyyy.  After wearing the other WIngspan once or twice, I'm just not liking it. So.....I decided I'm not going to waste precious time and this precious yarn knitting something that I'm not going to wear. Life is just too short.  So, I've been looking for another shawl pattern to knit with the Lace Lux. I'm close to deciding, but no decision yet.

As for spinning, I'm almost done spinning the last single from the McMullin Fiber Co on Etsy. It's a 50 merino/50 bamboo mix and the collorway is called French Quarter.  It's a pretty colorway of white/green/yellow/burgundy.  I'll hopefully ply this over this long weekend.

So, the mojo is back and I'm going to go peruse my stash!


Kathy... said…
We were 100 degrees on Thursday. One long hot summer this has been!
LeAnn said…
I know all about that lost mojo. I have found mine again with my newfound like (not saying "love" yet) of sock knitting.
Christina said…
I'm glad you got your mojo back. Sounds like you have some great projects in the works.
kendall said…
My mojo is still gone. Hopefully it will kick in, soon! Glad you got yours back. Hopefully we'll keep having cooler weather.