Just in time for cool weather

I finished knitting the Baby Fern Cowl Hood and I took some pictures of it on my model. It's been so long since I used her that I don't remember what I named her. I'll have to go back in time on this blog and see what her name is. :-)
Unblocked it measured 16.5 inches long.  I didn't block it for length, just to set the stitches.  I finished it just in time for some cooler weather.

While on vacation I was also able to get some spinning done. I finished plying this on Wednesday morning and attempted to dry it outside, but with 30-40 mph winds, it didn't want to stay put on the deck, so I ended up bringing it inside.  It's a BFL/Bamboo from Daily Fibers and I ended up with 488 yards.


LeAnn said…
Blue! Imagine that!

Love the baby fern. Oh, and the head? Let's name her Bambi.
Lindi said…
Nice job! I like to knit...been working on a sweater for ummm about 6 months now. Have the back done, and am working on the sleeves then the front. Where in TN? I moved up from Cleveland, in fact I was just down there last week for 2 days. My son and his family still live there...can't wait to get back there.