Refrigerators and knitting

Research.....thank goodness for the internet.  Being able to research appliances (or anything for that matter) on the internet enables one to buy with knowledge, as well as saving my knees.  When we bought our house 12 years ago, it came with a side-by-side refrigerator. At the time, I thought it was do-able and didn't request it being changed. I was wrong and it didn't take long to realize it, but by then it was too late. Within months I was wanting to get rid of it, but how do you get rid of a relatively new appliance? Anyway, I dealt with it for nearly 12 years and finally in September I said enough. I can't take it anymore. So we started researching.  We finally decided on the Samsung 29 cf french door with freezer at the bottom.  We didn't want the ice and water dispenser on the door since we rarely use ice and drink distilled water, so didn't need it.  Buying without the dispenser requires the item to be ordered, which is probably good.  That gives me this vacation week to prepare.  We also opted for white rather than stainless.  While I like the look of stainless, I think it is a fad and my other appliances are white anyway.  We are also getting a new up-right freezer as my old one is nearly 24 years old and is probably ready to peter-out. We picked the Whirlpool for this one.  Silly probably, but I'm excited about their arrival.

As for knitting, I had to frog to my lifeline on the Trousseau.  I made a mistake and couldn't fix it with all the yarn-overs. Thank goodness I used a lifeline, but it had to go into timeout for a little while until I got over the frustration and sadness for the lost time.  Meanwhile, I worked on the Baby Fern Cowl/Hood. The pattern called for casting on 117 stitches and I opted for 153. I didn't want it to be tight around my neck nor my face if I pulled it up. I knit the 6 row pattern until it was long enough on my neck when I pulled it up onto my head. Pictures coming soon.  I used my recently finished handspun, the French Quarter merino/bamboo. It's extremely soft and I love it!  I had it on last night after I finished casting off and holy cow is it warm.

So, now that the Cowl is finished other than blocking, I will get back on the Trousseau.  I have also signed up to do a Summer Flies Again shawl and enter it into a contest at LYS Ewe and Company.  It's a larger version of the Summer Flies shawl which I adore.  I'm using the Lana Grossa Evento in a beautiful reddish black.

As for spinning, I'm working with another Daily Fibers BFL/bamboo. Surprisingly it's a combination of green and blue. Vey pretty. I should have the 2nd single spun today and will ply them this week.


captainhook said…
I'm with you on the white appliances. I like the look of them, plus you can't put magnets on stainless steel.