Baby Gifts

My DH asked me several weeks ago if I would knit something special for a friend of his who is having their first baby, a girl (he thinks).  I felt honored that he felt proud enough of my knitting to ask, so after some thought, I decided to knit the adorable Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.  I had purchased this pattern at my LYS after seeing the store model, it is adorable!!!!  It is a multi-size pattern going from a 17-61 inch bust.  It's a genius design too, easy peasy.  I'm using Queensland's Bebe Cotsoy in a lavender pink color.  I would say I'm over 50% done. (Photo to come later)  I'll probably do a hat or booties to go with it, but depends on how much time I have left.

I've been looking at some new blogs too, non-knitting.  I've been getting the sewing bug and there are a lot more blogs about sewing and quilting than there used to be.  I have a new "page" at the top of this blog titled, Non-Knitting Blogs I Read.  I've placed a few of my favorites in there but I'm sure I'll add more.  In my looking around, I found a tutorial on making a lined fabric bucket.  I'm going to make one of these very soon.

Otherwise, on the knitting front, I had to put the finishing of the Trousseau to the side so that I could work on the baby shower gift. I've also got a pair of black socks I'm working on with Knitpicks Swish.

Update on my kitchen re-do. All new three appliances have been delivered, installed, cleaned and already in use.  A very tiring endeavor but oh so worth it.  My new fridge is fabulous, it has lots of room, things don't get hidden because I'm just cramming it in there.  The freezer is nicely laid out and the new beverage center is working out nicely as well.  The beverage center would have been helpful with my old side-by-side, but we didn't know about them until we started looking for a new fridge. 

I've also been re-organizing the pantry and I love it. I'm using bins that I've labeled and that's working out perfectly.  I had already been organizing and throwing out old cans before I thought to take a Before picture. So here's a BEFORE pic already in progress.
 And here are the AFTER pictures. I'm not completely done yet as I ran out of White Bins (purchased from Wally World) but it's a good start and I'm pleased with the results.  Now all I have to do is slide the bin out to see what I have and I can place the newly purchased cans in the back of the bin more easily and they won't get lost in the melee.


Christina said…
Looks amazing!