Mae Day Dress

With no recipient in mind, I first started this dress because I wanted to try out the smocking section. I could have just knit a swatch and try out that smocking pattern, but I thought I might as well make a baby dress and try out the smocking at the same time.  The pattern calls for a Vickie Howell yarn and I had some Vickie Howell Rock on hand. So that's what I used. It's not the softest of yarns, it's a hemp, soy, wool combination. It was not an easy yarn with which to try the smocking stitch. Maybe the smocking stitch isn't easy in any yarn, I just can't comment on that. It's not a pattern that I'll be doing again. I think the dress is adorable, but once I was done with the smocking stitch.......well, I was bored. I persevered and finished it, but it's not a do-over.  This picture is pre-washing. I have it soaking now in a little bit of shampoo, so we'll see if that helps soften it a little.  This is my last finished project for 2012.
I have been working on more UFO's.  The Patches Baby Sweater #2 and the Knit 1 Below Cowl.  I love the way the Knit 1 Below cowl looks, but I'm not enjoying the 1x1 rib. Waaaaaay too much back and forth movement. I will continue though. I've got 5 inches done and I have to have 12 inches. argh.


Kathy... said…
An ADORABLE dress - too bad it was not more fun to knit. I have the "Knit one Below" book, and have made a few projects, but not a fan. I think the finished stitches are just too "Big" if that makes any sense. It was fun learning the technique though. I'm currently swatching for a sweater, but struggling with gauge. Handspun..... gotta love those shawls. (If you know what I mean)
LeAnn said…
It's very cute. Don't give up on the stitch without trying better yarn though.