Photo update

The Peekaboo mittens - I elongated the thumb and didn't close it so that I could have access to my thumb, because what good are free fingers if you can't grasp something with your thumb.  The yarn is Universal Worsted Tonal which is unfortunately discontinued.

Next is a scarf inspired by Christina. It is a lovely combination of two yarns, one with a little glitter, which I don't typically go for, but it is so subtle that I thought I'd give it a try.  The glittery light blue on the left is Tahki Stacy Charles "Crystal" (85% polyester and 15% cotton).  The mohair on the right is Debbie Bliss "Angel" (76% Super Kid Mohair and 24% silk. It's extremely soft.
22 14 stitches being knit in plain garter on Size 10 needles. I love it.
 This is sock #1 of my 4th pair of Raggi socks. I love these socks in the winter, they keep my feet so warm. I have come up with a solution to be able to wear these to work with my business casual shoes. I wear a very thin black sock over them and it's perfect. I buy a bigger size shoe from what I normally wear it and it works. I only have the ribbing left on sock #2 and then I've got one more pair to make in a light colorway called Dalmation. Yep, as in the dalmation puppies.
Tomorrow is my last day to work before I go in for surgery. My To Do list has dwindled considerably. Today I'm packing up my small bag of clothing and I'll be ready.


Kathy... said…
Love the mittens! I'll have to remember those for future reference...
Christina said…
Beautiful!! So glad you're loving the bit of sequins.
I love the sparkly yarn! And, I'm also not a 'sparkle' fan... however, this combination works. Maybe I can find some that would mail order to me? Hummmm

I hope your knee surgery and re-hab is going great and hopefully not too painful?