Sorry for the Silence

I know, it's been nearly 2 months since I've posted, but I really have been busy. It always feels like I've let my diary down when I don't post, because years from now I'll look back at this time and wonder what the heck I was working on.

I have been working on my old UFO's, seriously! I did start and finish something new, but they were a quick, refreshing knit.  They are the peekaboo mittens and how fun they were. I modified the thumbs so that I could use them, because really what can you do with your fingers bare without having your thumb bare as well?
I would take a picture but I've hidden them in my winter coat pockets, so I'll have to get them out later. 

Oh yeah, my UFO's. A) I have finished the knitting of the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket that I began knitting for the class I was teaching a couple of years ago. I just need to seam it. B) I've picked up the Patches Baby Sweater #2 and have finished the back and started the front. This goes kind of fast and it's fun.  C) Also working on sock #2 of the Raggi socks, I think this is my 4th pair and then I'll have one more pair to do. This will give me 5 of the most comfortable cushy socks I own. I really love them. Thanks Christina for the easy pattern. I truly love vanilla socks.  D) I also finished the Knit 1 Below Cowl.  While I like the way this turned out, I'm not sure I'll do another, way too much K1,P1 ribbing.  However, I think I would enjoy a scarf from it, so I'm not writing the pattern off completely.  That's all I can think of at the moment. My UFO box is dwindling. This also gives me an opportunity to review what I have unfinished and think through whether or not I really want that item. Yes, I know I wanted it at the time I started it, but do I now??? Will I wear it? Use it?  Is it worth spending valuable knitting time finishing it all for naught?

The other thing that has kept me pretty busy is I've been planning for my knee replacements, both left and right.  Lots to think about here. The Doc strongly urged me to do them separately, so I agreed.  So along with that decision is research on my Leave of Absence plan at work, my Short-term disability, how many PT visits does my insurance allow per year, etc. So, all that has been found out and the first surgery is planned for Feb 26th. DH is looking forward to having to do all my chores while I an unable. :-)  I think I've done everything I can do to be ready. Work is not looking forward to being without me, but they will manage. The house is in order, the food plans are in order, everything is scheduled. Now all I have to endure is new pain and multiple PT visits, but this time next year I will be a new woman. I look forward to being pain free and able to walk like a normal person again.