A weekend of ennui

OK, so I've made great progress in my rehab. I graduated to no cane within a 3 week period and was feeling pretty good. As long as I didn't overdo it, I walked around the house with no cane, I could stay up sitting in a chair longer, etc.

Feeling pretty good right?  Well, I thought, it's time to wean yourself from the pain meds.  I started that on Friday other than the 2 pills I took right before PT.  Saturday I was cranky and cried at the drop of a hat. I was miserable and in quite a bit of pain. That continued through part of Sunday and I seriously thought something was wrong.
I got myself back on a reduced pain med regime. Only 1 pill every 4-6 hours and that has helped tremendously. My body was still in pain, I just didn't know it.  So, the ennui is attributed to pain med withdrawals and the resulting pain. It was not a fun weekend.

I did start a new project yesterday. The Japanese Knot Bag in some of my handspun that was spun at last year's spin retreat in Monteagle.  Pictures to come.