Knee Replacement Update

A little over 2 weeks since surgery now and all is well. I have full range of motion on the knee and have graduated to a cane from the walker. I am very pleased with my progress. That first week was a little rough, the second week a little better, and the 3rd week is looking good.  I still have quite a bit of swelling, but at least it's beginning to look like a knee again.

I didn't feel like knitting those first 2 weeks, can't do much lying flat on your back.  So, end of last week, I picked up my needles, finished my blue Raggi socks, started working on that old Lace Ribbon Scarf again and then the blue glitzy scarf that I started right before I had surgery.

That's about it for me at the moment.


Kathy... said…
Take it easy and hope you have a speedy recovery! k