Renewed Interest in some old WIP's

Although I am itching to start a new project, I have been working on some languishing WIP's with some renewed interest.  The Lace Ribbon Scarf that I had originally started in 2008 and blogged about here and here.  This has been hibernating quite a while. It is now sitting on the couch with me and if I can do 5-10 rows per night, then it will make progress.  I have been managing that for about the last 5 nights, so we'll see how I do.  It still doesn't have the excitement for me as it did when I first saw the pattern.  Why does that happen? Do we get so enamored with a pattern that we fail to see the truth? or is it more because we are like kids in a candy shop?  We just see so many things we want!!!  Anyway, we'll see if I finish it.

The next one I've been working on is the Tee for Two. I started this one in February 2011.  I'm knitting it with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  I finished the front panel and nearly done with the back panel. I'm knitting these panels against another top that fits me well. A work in progress and I'm not sure how it will turn out yet.

I'm halfway through my Physical Therapy sessions. woohooooo.  Range of motion is good. They massaged the scar tissue yesterday, that HURT!!  I have to do it myself as well. hmph.

I haven't done any spinning in over a month. It might be about time to get my spinner out. Don't you think??

a tout a l'heure......


Christina said…
So glad to hear you're doing so well.

I can relate to being so excited when i start something and then trying to convince myself that I really 'should' finish it.