a little spinning

I've been enjoying the spring-like weather. Yeah, I know we hit a cold spell on Friday, but it was just a little blip. yes, I had already washed and put away my sweat clothes, but then that's what washers and dryers are for, right?

A knee update....the knee replacement is great!!! I feel absolutely no pain in the right knee.  The left knee is a totally different story. It's not getting replaced until late August and it's not happy at all. It hinders my walking. However, I am forging ahead with the exercise program and I'm getting stronger every day. I start back to work next week and I'm trying to get as much done around the house before that day arrives.

We have been working on the final stages of the home office re-do and we are almost near the end. All of the bookcases have been re-filled and a few more books culled.  My view of the bookcases is once again colorful.  The chair mats have been laid and the only thing left to do is one curtain.  I've got one of my new enclosed bookcases filled with fiber/spinning stuff and I need to organize that a little better.  I've been working a little in the hobby room as I have waaaaay too much yarn and I need to de-stash.  As I was pulling some sock yarn that I know won't be used for socks, I heard myself saying..... well, maybe I could keep them. I could get my Cricket out and make some scarves, etc. We've all used these justifications haven't we?   yeah, well, I bought my Cricket at least 3 years ago and it's only been out of the box once when I was reading the instructions.  So, the yarn is still in a bag waiting for their picture so I can add them to Ravelry for Trade/Sell.

In some off time I have been doing some spinning, some knitting and some Tunisian crochet for charity.  As for the knitting, I have been working on my Summer Flies Again shawl. I just love this pattern, I can't say enough about this one or the original Summer Flies shawl. Both are just wonderful.  I'm on the last section and then on to the finishing part.

As for the Tunisian crochet and the charity knitting. I've been working on some lap blankets for Hospice and the Tunisian crochet just goes faster than knitting or regular crochet. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a chance.

As for spinning, I love using the fibers from McMullin Fibers on Etsy.  Kate's merino/bamboo is lovely to work with and I just love her colors.

This one is called Tutti Frutti and I had originally thought to ply it with another one of hers I had spun earlier in the year, but the gentleness of this colorway begs to be plied alone, whether 2 ply or chain ply, not sure of that yet.


Christina said…
Beautiful and very springy.