Barns.........old and new

Enjoying spring on a beautiful warm and sunny day, almost summer-like, I went for a ride and luckily I had the forethought to take my camera with me.  After passing a zillion dilapidated old barns, I decided to take some pictures of these wonderful old barns. Some sit next to the road, some sit out in the pasture. Some are covered with old vines, that are currently still brown because things haven't started to really turn green yet.  Some barns are painted red, some are natural and very old, some are nearly fallen to the ground and some are still being used.  I will probably go out another day and take some more because I did not backtrack to get all the ones I had already passed before I got the idea to take pics.  There are a few houses interspersed with the barn pics.

 couldn't resist a creek picture since there were a zillion creeks
 an old country home but updated and being lived in.

 a cool looking house. I was too far away to do it justice but I didn't want to intrude on their privacy.

 a very old log house

 I threw this one in because I love forsythia, especially the yellow one.


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Love this!!! I remember falling in love with all the barns out there.