I've been a bad blogger

What the heck have I been doing???  Not blogging, that's for sure.  It's nearing the end of summer, the tell-tale sign of course, is Labor Day peeking around the corner.  It's been a nice summer. Tennessee is normally brutal in the summer, hot and humid.  While we have had some hot days, it's not been as bad as most summers.  Even in June we had low 80's and low humidity. It was wonderful.

The right knee replacement has been wonderful. Absolutely no pain.
Next week I go back in the hospital to get the left knee done. I have been ready to get this one done for months, as it just keeps yelling at me that it's in pain. Seriously! But, end of August came quickly and I'm ready.  Work hired a temp replacement while I'm out this time and she's great. I don't expect to come back to a mess and while I didn't worry about it on the first surgery, I know for sure I won't worry on this one.

I have been doing a little spinning.  I don't believe I've finished anything though.  I've spun a few singles that I'm debating whether to split it into 2 bobbins and do a 2-ply or to chain ply for a nice 3-ply.  I did try my hand at a 4 ply earlier this summer, and while I liked the effect, I only had a 4 oz braid and that really ate into the yardage.  I have been experimenting a little more though with some different fibers. I recently purchased some Southdown and I'd say it feels a little like Polwarth or Falkland. Pretty nice stuff.  Pictures will come at some later time.

As for knitting.  I'm still working on my Yoked Cardigan in Bebe Cotsoy. The yarn just feels so good. Soy/cotton blend, oh so soft. I don't know what it's durablity is going to be like, but it's not like I wear a cardigan every day. I only hope that it will fit and that it will look good on my body type.  I have finished one sleeve, halfway done with the other and deciding how long I want the body to be. Still working on the body length. I know I'm making it longer than what the pattern calls for, I just need to try it on I guess.

The other item that has grabbed my attention is the shawl, The Mermaid's Gift.  This is being knit with 100% mink, it is deliciously wonderful. OMG!!!!  I'm over half way done and I love it.  The color of the yarn while still in a skein looked silvery.  Now that it's been knit for awhile, it looks more light grey. I still like it though.  If you haven't touched this fiber, you must very soon.  If I have any leftover though, I may send a wee sample to someone who comments on this post.

Other than that, I started another Raggi sock so that I would have some mindless knitting while in the hospital.

I promise to take pictures this weekend and hopefully get one more blog post in before surgery.  Sorry for the silence.


Rebecca said…
girl you and me both!!!! i hope your knee surgery goes well. knitting that luxurious shawl while you're in hospital should make it all much more bearable ;D. how glorious is it?! might need to get my hands on some ;D. i'm trying to get up the courage to go do a new post too but dont know where to start lol. glad tn wasnt so flippin hot this year. our summer here has been much milder than usual too - thank God! love it! the tourists are all waaaah and i'm all yeeeeeehaw! and fall is right around the corner - woot!!!!!!!!
healing thoughts for your operation.
Chris said…
Good luck with the surgery! I'll be by for some inpatient knitting.