Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

Yep, I mentioned in my last post that the little woven squares have been so much fun that they were inspiring me to get my Cricket that I purchased at least 3 years ago and assemble it.  Well, I did it!  I also warped it with the sample yarn and then have been using different stash yarns for the weft so that I can see what the end effect is.  It's been quite a learning experience and have been having loads of fun.  This initial piece has just been for fun, it will not be a finished scarf, it's for practice. I am still working on the sides and making sure they are even. It seems to change with the different type of yarns.  I already have a Heddle for sock yarn (12 dent maybe?) and I'm eager to try it with the sock yarn stash that I have.  So much fun to have!
The green and blue is the sample yarn that came with it.
 The bright and very textured weave is using a ribbon yarn (close-up down below)
The more subdued orange and blue is a cotton/wool sock yarn