Zoom Loom by Schacht

On a whim, I decided to purchase the Zoom Loom and I have been having a blast!!  I bought it from my LYS on the way to PT a couple of weeks ago and the weaving began.  I have been busting through my stash of sock yarn leftovers and playing around with the warp and weft.  Playing with doubling the yarn throughout the 4 layers and doubling only through 2 layers, just so much fun.  As of today, I have 38 squares.  I will probably have these woven squares take over my small knitted squares sock yarn blanket project.  Here they are in all their glory!

Weaving these little squares has made me want to get my Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom out and warp it.



captainhook said…
OMG fantastic! Love the color combinations and patterns. Congrats on your new hobby!
Jackie said…
Your squares are lovely!