Zoom, Zoom

No, this is not a Mazda commercial. :-)

I am still addicted to the Zoom Loom and have been going to town.  I am up to 126 squares now and still having fun!

Sometime last year I had found a website (or maybe someone directed me to it, not sure) called Eloomanation.  At that site, they had some old pattern books for the old Weavette and Loomette looms.  I downloaded them at that time and had no clue what all the codes meant. 

Well, now I know what they mean and have tried out quite a few. Some I really like, others....not so much.
Below are a few samples of the ones that I do like:

 My 126 squares in stacks of 10

As to my Mermaid's Gift Shawl.  I am 3 rows away from binding off and if I never see another SSK and YO (well, at least for a short time) I will be happy. 
I am REALLY tired of them at the moment.
My Raggi Dalmation socks??  Turned the heel today on the way to another brutal PT session.  3 more to go and I'm so ready for it to be over.  I'm still not quite ready to go up and down steps, but I'm a lot better than I was.  The knee joints are pain-free, it's the muscles that are so sore. OMG!! SORE!!!!  That just proves to me how weak they really were.
I've been ignoring the Yoked Cardigan.  Not really intentionally, I was just getting so close to the end on the Shawl that I couldn't resist working on it. Plus those darned Zoom squares above.  Great to work on while I'm sitting in my knitting corner in the office (our den) at home.
That's all for now and I hope to be chatting with you again soon!


captainhook said…
OMG the weaving is fantastic! Love those squares!
LeAnn said…
Loving your new love!
Keep up the good work on the PT. Remember, Stitches awaits us in the spring!