Ice Storm

No, I have not named this winter storm, I'm sure the media will take care of that.  However, mid-Tenn did get an ice storm starting Friday afternoon.  I left work early and was home before I encountered any issues.  The trees were already glistening white with ice, it was very pretty.  Saturday continued to rain, which turned into more ice. Eventually, tree limbs broke and downed power lines early, early Sunday morning, which of course resulted in a lack of power. By this morning the house was very cold and there was no timeline for service.  So we packed up enough for 2 nights and we headed towards town for a nice warm shower, warm room and a hot meal.  In for the night now, well fed, toasty and warm.  I'm thankful to have funds to afford a room for the night.. More winter storm is on its way, so I'm praying that everyone is safe.


Jackie said…
Hope you guys continue to be cozy and warm. And that you have a lot of knitting with you!

Are you having to work through all this?
captainhook said…
Hope the worst is over and you're safe and warm!