Belated present to myself

I couldn't decide what I wanted to buy for Christmas this year, if I wanted anything at all.  True, I didn't spend much time looking for anything because I really didn't NEED anything. Do we truly ever need anything? Sure, we want things, but that's different from needing, right?  My overall present to myself in 2013 was the knee replacement event.  The knees are great and I'm pain free. It's a whole new way of looking at things to do. I don't dread grocery shopping anymore, which is really the only kind of shopping I still had to do. The mall? forget it.  Not that I really liked shopping anyway, but I really didn't like it with two painful knees.  Anyway, water under the bridge. 

Back to the story.  What did I want to buy, if anything, that I didn't really need.  Something knitting related? not really. I have yarn and needles and accessories.  Something spinning related? maybe.....not sure. I have the spinning wheel I love, I have batteries for it which make it even more portable, I have combs, a hackle, etc. Don't really need anything.
A new camera perhaps?  nah, don't need that.
A Kindle Fire so that I can watch Amazon Prime movies for free? nah, waiting a little longer for that.
The list can go on.........
However, let's get back to the spinning.  One of the things I love to do is make rolags.  At the moment I make small ones on my thigh as I'm spinning. So, I'll make a small one then spin it. Then make another and spin it. It's loads of fun and rarely are 2 alike. I have been wanting a drum carder. (wanting, not needing)  The problem with a drum carder is their size.  I have no place to store one nor really a good place to use one.  A good alternative for me is the Blending Board. There are several makers out there or if you are a good DIYer, you can make your own with carding cloth and a wood board.  SO, in my research, I looked at the Ashford, the Clemes and Clemes and the Fancy Kitty.  I opted for the Fancy Kitty because it's only 8" wide and 11.5" long.  Carding Cloth Type: 72.  I think an 8" rolag will be easier to handle while spinning.  Here's a video on how to use it, compliments of Ashford. If you want to look at some sample rolags, go to Etsy.  All kinds of eye candy.
Sample from Ravelry: has arrived at the Post Office. So I'll be leaving shortly to go get it.  No, the PO doesn't deliver packages to my door. Why??  Because they have to cross an underwater bridge and they have to make 2 left hand turns.  Go figure.  But I've lived with that for 12 years now and know my parameters. So off to the PO I go, 10 miles away.  Plus it's been snowing this morning, so I can see some snow landscapes.

I will post some pictures of my first few rolags so we can see how rusty I am using a blending board.


Kathy... said…
I've watched quite a few tutorials about using blending boards, and have given it's purchase some serious thoughts. So, I'll be interested in how you like it. Perhaps we both "need" one..... LOL.
Judy said…
I've seen a blending board at the local shop but I've never tried one so I'm curious to hear what you think of one. I had a knee injury late in October and you don't realize how much you use your knees until you can't use your knee. I know just what you mean about the grocery store as it seems like you're hiking across the US sometimes just to get groceries when your knee is hurting!
Best wishes on a happy and healthy 2014.
captainhook said…
Thanks for posting the link to the video tutorial--now I want one, dang it! (Want, not need!)