Cookin up more rolags

How do you spell the word fun?  R.O.L.A.G.S and the corresponding blending board.

It's like painting except with fiber.

I was speaking to a very dear friend the other day on the phone and we were talking about my new board.  Now, a little history.....she owned her own sheep for years when she lived in middle TN and now she lives in Maine but she still spins and weaves and best of all, she has her own drum carder.  I mentioned to her that I had purchased a blending board and was making rolags to spin from and that I was out of my comfort zone since I am normally a worsted spinner.  She suggested I take the fiber off the blending board from the side rather than from the bottom and spin the rolag with the length of the fibers and that method is easier to spin worsted but you still get some air on the fiber.  I'm going to try that today.

Meanwhile, here are some rolags I made last weekend.




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