Fancy Kitty Blending Board

First let me say, beautiful craftsmanship.  Fast shipping on top of that. I ordered it last Sunday and received it yesterday with a holiday thrown in.  It's perfect!  Did I play yesterday? Of course! 
I just threw in some odds and ends of fiber I wasn't thrilled about. It was a mixture of some merino, suri alpaca, superwash merino, and bfl locks.  (sorry they are still in the bags)

The above mixture was haphazardly placed on the blending board.  There are several layers of fiber and each layer was burnished with the brush to pack it in.  At this point, I don't really know how much fiber I've used.  The comments on Ravelry indicate that the board will hold about an ounce.  I didn't want to overpack on the first try, so I stopped when  thought it had enough.
I was able to get 6 rolags on the first try.  They were all pretty even and not too tight.  I weighed the rolags at .6 ounce, so I could have placed some more fiber on the board.  Today I may weigh the fiber first but that may take the spontaneity out of it, so I probably won't.
I promptly went to the Hansen and started spinning. What a dream!!!  Much better than the rolags that I manually did on my thigh, so much smoother to spin. 
They definitely came out a lot fluffier than what I normally spin.  The board sure puts some air and loftiness in the fiber. I didn't do all worsted nor all woolen spinning. I did a little combination of short backward draw and longdraw.  I didn't want the yarn to be too thick like a worsted weight, so I tried to monitor it and adjusted my spinning.  It's a 2 ply at 55 yards.  Here is the end result and I'm pleased. :-)

What do you think???


Kathy... said…
It looks really enticing! Super pretty yarn too. I'm so tempted to tell the hubbs about it. He's asking for Jan b-day ideas. I asked for a new Jenkins Turkish spindle (just wanted to see if he could pull any magic out of his hat!).

What size cloth did you order? Looks like there are several options. Did you get the lap or table top model?

Sorry for giving you the third degree. Looks like you are having so much fun. Stay inside where it's warm and enjoy your fiber play.
captainhook said…
Looks so pretty! And you just spin from the end of the "cigar"?