Knitting for babies

I love knitting baby stuff.  Why??  Because I can try out a new pattern, new knit stitches, a new process, etc without a huge time commitment. 

I have done this from time to time with no particular baby in mind. When I do these, I place them in my gift box for when I need a baby gift item.  However, there are times when I want to knit something special for a friend's new baby.  What has been happening to me lately (cause this blog is all about me), is that people aren't finding out in advance if they are having a boy or girl.  They are waiting.  That means I have to wait until the baby is born to knit that something special.  What's up with that?  I personally refuse to knit everything white, yellow or green just so it can be for either sex.  So I wait until the baby is born to knit something. And I'm okay with that, they just get something a little later. maybe two weeks after the baby is born.

The most recent is for a very nice co-worker, Brian.  He's a St. Louis Cardinal's fan, which makes him a baseball fan, more than football, so we have something to talk about.  No, I didn't make something in the Cardinals colors, but that would have been fun.  I opted for the pattern, Baby's First Sweater #106. I've made this pattern several times and I really like it.  I am making a note here to remember in the future.  On the front panels when it says to cast on 7, I would suggest adding at least 10 on each side.  The reason for this is 7 stitches on each side only allows the two front panels to meet rather than overlap to accommodate the buttons/buttonholes.  So the front tends to pull on the sides more and I don't like that.   I knit this with baby blue Queensland Bebe Cotsoy. It's 50/50 cotton/soy.  Very soft.