Spinning the rolags

As I blogged about in the last post, I had made 3 different sets of rolags. One set of 5-6 just had gray and light green. Another set of 5-6 just had dark blue and light blue in a 3-stripe, then the third set had a mixture of colors in addition to some beautiful red.  I decided to mix and match as I spun them. So I alternated randomly which stack of the three I picked from.  So I spun one large Z single, then wound a center-pull ball, and spun a 2-ply S.  I love the way it turned out. You can see it's mainly blue/gray, but I love the pops of red.  I ended up with a little over 100 yards.

So....this batch of rolags...........
became.....this skein of yarn.

I'm going to be playing with some other bits of color in the weeks to come.  My last blog post indicated I was going to try something with the blending board, I didn't have time so I'll get to it soon.

Yesterday, I wove on my Zoom Loom. I'm working my way through the Yarn of the Month samples that I amassed over a period of maybe 5 years.  Each little baggie makes 2 squares.  I had other ideas for those samples but the time has some to just use them and be done.

As for knitting, the Claire stole is coming along nicely.

I'm off work today due to MLK holiday.  It's beautiful and sunny and in the 50's.  Tomorrow it's going to be a high of 28 deg F. and getting colder through the week.


Rebecca said…
how beautiful that turned out and i would never have expected to see that from the rolags! spinning is a crazy art so surprising and unpredictable