Last blog post??

No......not the last blog post and it probably won't be the last blog post about rolags and my "oh so fun" blending board.

I ordered some cupcakes from The Wool Peddler on Etsy and they were wonderful to use on my blending board. I spent most of Saturday afternoon playing with color.  This is the merino mix I played with, I also bought some BFL which I haven't delved into yet.

When I spin these, I will randomly pick one up to spin and will hopefully get a mish-mash of color. I was pleased with the last one I did and this set is almost 4 oz of merino.

As for knitting, I started the Mini Mania Linen Stitch scarf.  I cast on 460 stitches and I'm using a size 6 needle. It's been fun so far and the method I chose is to start on the right side row every time.


Kathy... said…
What fun you are having! I'm still wanting a blending board, but one thing at a time. I just bought an IpadAir, and taking a few baby steps on that learning curve. The blending board may be next. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your lovelies!

I love the look of Linen stitch. Wish I actually enjoyed doing it a bit more, however. :)