Is it an addiction?

There are all kinds of addictions, right?
The ones generally known are alcohol, drugs, sex, reality tv (no, really), the list goes on.

I have been working in my hobby room all day today and I'm exhausted.  The room had gotten out of control.  I couldn't even get to my sewing machine to mend a few items.  What was out of control?  Therein lies the rub.

I am an addict.

There, I've said it.

My brother will be proud of me.

He told me years ago I had an addiction problem.  Of course, I was in denial.

I am an addict.

I put away today five (5) 15-gallon Flex Totes full of fiber to spin. How did that happen?  I knew I had a yarn stash, cause remember I'm an addict.  But seriously, how did I acquire so much fiber stash!!!

I am addicted to fibery stash.  I also have fabric but I donated a lot of it several years ago and luckily haven't replenished it.  If I can get to my sewing machine again maybe I can remedy that.   Say it ain't so, Joe!!!

OK, I'm done for the day. I feel better as now I have acknowledged it. 

I talked to my "counselor" today. I laid it all out and admitted my problem.  I actually felt better about releasing the admission and continued to work hard on my organizing.

What will I do about it?  Encourage my enablers (friends) to stop me if I want to buy  more yarn or fiber. Can they do it?  I double-dog dare you.


captainhook said…
Oh, fiber addiction! I don't think I can encourage you to stop stashing--in fact, I think that's why we call it a stash. Not a collection. Not a supply. Not even a hoard! I only have one huge bin full of spinning fiber, but probably the equivalent of 20 full of yarn and 4 of fabric. But it's so pretty! Surely we need more!
Chris said…
Counselor? More like enabler! :)
LeAnn said…
But what a glorious addiction it is!