Happy 8th Anniversary

I had intended to post an entry on Friday the 23rd as that date is the 8th anniversary of my starting this blog. I had no idea when I started it that I would continue it for so long.  It's been fun. I enjoy going back and reading some of the old posts. It allows me to see what progress my knitting has made in 8 years.  So it's been used sort of like a little diary and while my projects are also on Ravelry, I like posting about them. Not all my projects make it to the blog, but a good majority of them do.  At the end of the year, I print that year's posts to PDF as you never know when Blogger will go away. As so many good cloud programs go away, like Yahoo photos, Google docs and countless more.  So, while I can't protect myself from Blogger going away, at least I can save my posts on pdf so I have them from now on. :-)
This weekend was the Fiber Festival and I have to tell you I have been sick all weekend. It's a crud like I haven't had in forever. It knocked me on my butt!!!! I have been in bed since Friday night, dragged myself to the festival, then after the festival, I crashed in bed until this morning. I'm still not well, but my back and my neck were killing me, so I wanted to get up for a little while. Maybe an hour?? I feel very weak.
So.......Happy Anniversary and the next post will be project driven.


Chris said…
I enjoyed Saturday immensely!! Hope you feel better soon!
captainhook said…
Happy Anniversary! I hope you are feeling better already.