Reusable Dryer Sheets

I wouldn't say I'm too conscious of being green. I should try harder at it but I keep my eyes and ears open for something that I believe is doable.

As for laundry, I have at most 2-3 loads a week. Sometimes in the summer it can be more because DH gets outside, plays in the dirt and his tractor and we wash those clothes separately. OK, so I'm up to 3-4 loads now, but it's still not much.

I buy Bounce dryer sheets or Snuggly or whatever they are called. I tend to like one flavor and then they up and change it. WHY? WHY? WHY? Then I'm at the grocery smelling the boxes again to see which smell doesn't make my nose sneeze too bad. I like a little bit of smell, just not these awful fragrances they tend to create.  Then I have these dryer sheets that I'm always having to throw away. What a waste.

Then I happened to see a post on this blog. She has all kinds of interesting ideas and quite a few I've done. This one I thought was actually worth repeating.  I did as instructed weekend before last. I picked out 3 cloths that I had knitted a while back and I had quit using because they had lost some of their absorbency.  I soaked them in the undiluted fabric softener, squeezed out the extra and then hung them up to dry. The smell was quite strong at first.

The next day I did a load of laundry, used my new reusable dryer sheet and it worked perfectly. No static, nice smell and clothes were soft.  I used the same cloth on the next load. Perfect.  I'm up to 6-7 loads already with the same cloth. It's still doing fine. Her website says it can go 15-20 times. Maybe. I don't know.

I have tried the felt balls but I find that they don't keep my clothes soft and things like socks stick to them and so they bounce around the dryer with socks attached to them.  I don't find they are as effective with removing static either.  I'm sold on these reusable dryer sheets. Give it a try.

Here's my decorative jar of cloths.


Jackie said…
What an interesting idea! I'm looking forward to hearing how long they last.