Summer in full swing.....meaning it's HOT!!!

Yep, hot. I think the heat index today is over 100 deg F.  That's just hot.   Of course, we are spoiled. We have houses that are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter, so why does the outside temperature affect us?  It just does, that's why.  I do thank God every day for enabling and allowing me to work inside during the week, so I'm not subjected to the extreme temperatures all day long. Weekends, I can choose to go outside or not. Thankfully, my hobbies (knitting) can allow me to stay inside.

So I've been silent on my blog. Not sure why, just haven't gotten around to it.  Well, there is the Tour de France which started 3 weeks ago yesterday.  That sucks up my non-working time and I don't get enough sleep during the Tour as it is. It's been a great Tour this year and with 2 Frenchman standing on the podium today (first time in 40 years), I wish my mother was around to see it.  I'm very proud of them!!

Another thing I couldn't really talk about in advance is I have a new job. I've completed 3 weeks and I love it. I'm busy and I'm utilizing my skills that frankly I haven't used in a while.  Also, after 14 years of working downtown, I am finally away from it.  I did enjoy working downtown, but there were many aspects I didn't like about it. So, we'll see how much I miss it. At the moment, I don't miss it, but I doooooo miss my lunch buddies. (you know who you are) So I miss you guys!

Yes, I have been knitting. The main things I've been working on:
  • a circular shawl through the Addiction Ravelry group.  We just finished Clue #8 and they  come out weekly. Not sure how many more clues there will be.
  • One Baby Sweater.  This pattern was wonderful. It's for newborn-3 months. I would like to upsize it and  may play around with that.  The information on my sweater can be found on my Rav page.
  • Lap Blanket.  This one I've talked about before. Any leftover yarn, sample yarn, etc, gets added on to this blanket.  I have no rhyme or reason as to the number of rows I do on each side (log cabin style), I just continue to knit, bind off, add rows, etc. It's been a lot of fun.  I may finish this one up with sample yarn and start another one with just left-over project yarn and maybe several yards each of handspun yarn.
  • Claire stole/scarf - I'm still working on this one, just not as often. I'll get to the end of it soon though. I'm at least half-way already.
The Circular Shawl - thru Clue 8
One Baby Sweater
I was at my local drycleaners last weekend. They had 4 garment racks full of clothing for $1 each.  I assume these were clothes left behind and after a period of time, they have to get rid of these clothes so they have room on their racks for active customers. Anyway, I didn't hold up any hope for something for me to wear but I usually keep an eye out for any blouses or shirts that may have some unique buttons on them. Yes, I do this at Goodwill too.  Anyway, I cane across this pink cardigan that is lambswool and angora. It looks like someone may have washed it and maybe it shrunk a little.
Do you see what I see???  yep, there must be over 50 buttons on this baby. Are they the best quality buttons? no, not by a long shot. but they would be perfect on a little girl sweater that would be worn maybe once. I will make use of these buttons, not to worry. and for $1????? suhweeeeet.

Wrapless turns. Have you guys checked out Ysolda's Technique Thursday blog yet.  The link for the wrapless turn is here.  I can't wait to try this out. I've watched the video it several times and I think it's similar to the Japanese short row class I took, just not using the safety pins.

And lastly, I've been spinning. This is the fiber I purchased in New York last June from The Yarn Company. I ended up with a fingering weight and approximately 720 yards.

Joining Ginny for the Yarn-Along


Jackie said…
I love the way the colors striped up on the One Baby Sweater!

Congratulations on the new job in the new location! Many times, change is good!

I've heard the news that Stitches South will be in Nashville next year. You must be excited about that!
Chris said…
I miss my lunch buddy!!!!
captainhook said…
Hey, I was just thinking earlier today that I hadn't see you blog in awhile. Nice to get the updates! And congratulations on the new job! And the knitting and spinning of course.
Rebecca said…
congrats on new job! love that baby sweater <3 great job on the spinning!
LeAnn said…
Beautiful bambino sweater!