KAL Knitting and other projects

The Addiction Shawl was my first real KAL.  I've done some KAL's with friends, but this shawl was an organized KAL with the designer and all that.  The clues arrived weekly on Wednesday and I was able to get the clue done by Sunday, so I was usually eagerly anticipating the next clue. The last clue (#12) arrived and it was a 2 row pattern that you repeated at least 5 times, but could do more.  It was funny how I wasn't as diligent about finishing that clue as I had been when I had deadlines with the other ones. The brain sure does play tricks on you.  Anyway, last night I decided I was going to do it, I was going to finish the knitting. We had been watching the US Open and had recorded the Federer/Monfils match as well as the semi-finals matches that were played on Saturday. So......I knit!  It's a little harder to knit and watch tennis than it is to knit and watch baseball, but it's doable.  Although it was very hard to knit during the Djokovic/Murray match. Holy cow!!! That was edge-of-your-seat tennis. Awesome match!!!! 

So I did a total of 6 repeats of clue #12 and bound off.

Just so you know, there have been 576 stitches since Clue 8, so I've had lots of stitches to knit for a zillion rows. I don't think I want to even go back and count how many rows that would have been. :-)
So here it is pre-blocked. I'm looking around my house to see where I can lay it down to block. I don't have an extra bed and not really the floor space to block it, but I'll figure it out.  It's almost 34 inches across pre-blocked.
The other FO that hasn't been blocked yet is the Claire. I've turned it into a scarf rather than a stole.  For as easy as the pattern was, if you didn't pay attention, it was easy to mess up and it's not an easy pattern to frog. So, I shortened its life and it will be perfect as a neckwarmer with my black coat.  Some items you just have to put to bed early and I have the authority to do that!!!!
Again, this is pre-blocked.
An update on the much-stalled Yoked Cardigan. I bound off the last sleeve and all that's left is the button band.  I may work on that today. we'll see how the day goes. Not ready to take a picture of this one yet.
I've also started that other Log Cabin scrap blanket with my leftover project yarn. This one is definitely for me. 
Another project I started is the All in Threes pattern.  I've made a mistake and will have to frog it and start over. I just haven't had the gumption to do that yet.  The mistake is obvious but I've highlighted anyway so hopefully I won't do it next time.
No, there shouldn't be a garter stitch row going all the way across. ARGH!!!!
Last but not least, a new pair of socks on the needles.  This yarn is delicious and I have Christina to thank for enticing me to jump off the no-buying-yarn wagon. This stuff is a delight to work with.  You really need to buy some. Don't let the name of the yarn fool you (Angora Lace), as it is not lace-weight. It is sock yarn weight.

I debated on whether to do a vanilla-sock so I wouldn't have to think about it, but then found this pattern (Charybdis) and I really like it.  It doesn't take away from the automatic striping of the yarn.  It's not an overly hard pattern to follow and it adds some texture.
Whew, that's it for today. A long post I know but I've been a busy bee.  Been at the new job 2 months now and all is well.  I'm loving my new commute, no more driving downtown. The distance is almost the same, it's just an easier commute. I am totally missing my friends and lunch buddies, but we make time outside of work and that's just what friends do, right??
It's till very hot here and I'm ready for some fall weather!!!



Jackie said…
Your Addiction shawl is gorgeous even without blocking. I had a similar experience with my first (only) KAL. Did great getting the clues done each week. Was surprised with myself. Then the last clue came out and I knit all but about 9 rows. It sat. And sat. And sat. I finally got it off the needles a couple of weeks ago and it's waiting for blocking. It's a project I really like too! Well, at least we both proved to ourselves we can do a KAL!

You're working on lots of great projects. Sure the one has to be completely frogged?
captainhook said…
All your projects are so fantastic! The Addiction Shawl is gorgeous! Sometimes I block things like that a section at a time. Takes longer, but I too have space issues. And those socks! Makes me want some of that yarn, though maybe for a shawl....
Christina said…
The socks are coming out great. Love the Addiction.