Pinterest, Ravelry, Etsy and other time suckers

Why is it at this time of year I start feeling even more craftsy? As in, I want to do something other than knit or spin. I want to make a few handmade Christmas cards as I've done in the past. I want to make or buy some handmade gifts. So what does one do when one feels this urge????  Go visit Pinterest of course. After hours upon hours of sifting through all those items of I any closer to having anything made? Nope. lots of ideas though. :-)  Then the next step is to go look at Etsy or even Artfire. Both of those are time suckers. Then of course, there is Ravelry. Handmade gifts??? lots to pick from.............fingerless mittens, cowls, shawlettes (all perfect gifts). You can stalk Rav all day and never reach the end. Did I cast on anything? well, yes, but I frogged it. So back to the drawing board so to speak.

OK, so yesterday while everyone was enjoying their turkey, I was in my hobby room.  Still working on organizing my stash and stuff. It's not really organized, it's just better contained in Rubbermaid clear bags so it's easier to get out of the closet. So, I was digging around on a top shelf that I thought was just some cotton yarn and some other stuff I don't use very often. It's amazing what gets hidden over time.  I found this....

I'm pretty sure the pattern is probably from Charlene Schurch Sensational Knitted Socks, but I have no idea which one. I have one sock completely done and one more skein to do the second sock. yeah right!  The other question is, do I really want to do another sock?  I've really been enjoying knitting socks with Raggi, using size US4-5 needles, not size US2.  Maybe I could use the finished sock as a handcover in the car on these cold mornings?
Whaddya think??

I also found more Wildfoote (really nice yarn).
2 more skeins to make another pair of socks. Love the color!!!

More digging through stash and I found some more yarn to give to Chris' prayer shawl (browns, tans, etc). In addition, I came across some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. A cotton/silk combination which I think would make a nice decorative cowl.  (This is what I cast on with but didn't like the pattern I chose.)  Does that mean I need to stalk Ravelry some more? heeheeheee possibly.   I have 2 skeins of the light gray and 3 skeins of the burgundy.

While stalking Rav yesterday I also came across another Advent Scarf KAL. I've always wanted to do one. Question is...would I stay caught up? If I do, then what happens to the other projects that I already have on the needles? I don't have any extra hours in a day so when do I think I would get those done? Well, in the event that I do get time, I decided to use up more stash yarn and knit it in a laceweight. I love the hues in this one.  If you want to do the KAL too, here is the linky for the English version. The webpage will be updated daily with that day's pattern. It starts on Monday December 1 and there will be 24 days worth of patterns. It can be knit with or without beads.  The beads are placed in the sections between the daily patterns.  Come join me if you like.

The last thing I need to knit is the One Plus cardigan pattern. I've decided to knit it with Katia Jamaica. This is for a friend's grand-daughter. I'll be casting this one on today. Such bright colors, I love them!

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying going through my stash and deciding what I can do with the yarn I find. It's almost like going to Stitches without the crowd.  Speaking of Stitches, it's in Nashville this year, at Opryland. I'm ambivalent about my feelings that this event has moved to Nashville rather than being in Atlanta.  No more road trip. No more chatting and laughing in the car together. No more stacking and packing in the hotel room. Do I take days off from work or just manage Saturday and Sunday? Do I take a class so I can get into the market for free?  Class cost $80, market cost $15 per day, plus there are usually coupons. It would be cheaper just to pay to get in the market. Do I drive in to Nashville or get a hotel/motel room? My roommates of days past are not staying at a hotel, so do I get one and treat it as a retreat of sorts? See my dilemma? It's not until April, so I have some time to decide.


Erika said…
Oh such lovely yarns you have posted! I have used Misti Alpaca for a scarf and really love it , so soft.. I am a new follower to your site , do you have a Ravelry site and Etsy site too?And I agree these sites are time wasters, lol along with Pinterest, which i joined (sadly ) this summer..
Kathy... said…
Love your finished sweater in the previous post, btw.

Did you decide to do the Advent KAL. I did one several years ago, and it really is fun! I actually considered doing it with you.....but then realized that it would be a fail for me. Just more in the mood for dolls and creatures right now. The Grands, you know.

Anyway....hope I can watch you as you knit yours. Enjoy the Season! Kathy
Liana said…
Erika, so glad to have you reading my blog. How did you come across it? It's always interesting to see how people find me. I am tnknitter on Ravelry as well. Etsy? I'm just a buyer at the moment, no store. I might someday. I wouldn't say that those sites mentioned are time wasters because I do get some great ideas from them, but they do suck up some time.

Kathy, so happy to hear from you. I have really missed your blog so maybe when you quit being so busy with the grandkids, you'll get back to it. I assume you are still knitting? Do you have time for it? How about spinning? I need to get my spinner out and do some spinning, I miss it. I've been using my spindle some but it's slow going. Not sure how active I'll be daily on the Advent Calendar, but I'll give it a shot. Let's keep in touch!

Happy Holidays to you both!